UGuide is an innovative learning analytics platform for higher education. Learning analytics is the analysis of student academic progress. UGuide automates the manual processes of teachers in measuring the academic progress of their students. In UGuide teachers and students can see the scores for specific exam questions/topics and learning materials linked to these questions. We are currently working on a demo-on-demand, which will soon be available here. If you would like more information about the system before the demo is available, please click here for an overview or contact us.

Learning Analytics

Learning analytics is the next step in (digital) education: the platform is developed as a collaboration between students, teachers and institutions to improve the education process for all involved.

Short overview

Easy Implementation

UGuide is designed to complement other online systems (such as an LMS). It is made to fit like a building block alongside the school's existing online environment.

Based on Research

UGuide is the product of three years of university research. It combines the newest insights in digital education into one of the most advanced learning analytics platforms.

Our Partners

Valor Metrics would like to thank its partners


UtrechtInc. is ranked among the top 10 incubators in the world. After a stringent selection process, Valor Metrics was admitted to support the growth of UGuide.

Why Us?

Valor Metrics' mission is to develop software which offers insight into large resources of data which can then be used in the operational management and strategy development of institutions. We help give access and insight into the data so that organisations can better support those involved. That's why we gave our company the slogan:

Clear information, better solutions


The composition of our team emphasizes the Valor Metrics drive for innovation. All “digital natives”; comfortable in the age of technology and the internet.

Sven Luehof

Co-founder | CTO LinkedIn

Marijn Boon

Co-founder | CEO | CFO LinkedIn

Ben de Vries

Co-founder | CSO LinkedIn


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